E-Health Eurecat empowers patients, professionals and providers through IT research and innovation on integrated care, data analytics and biomechanics to build and deploy innovative products and services for a personalized, preventive, predictive, and participative healthcare.


  • mHealth self-management tools

  • Assistive Technologies

  • Telehealth

  • Data management in Clinical Research

  • Statistics and knowledge discovery in Medicine

  • Predictive and prescriptive models in Healthcare and Medicine

  • Clinical Decision support systems

  • Gait and Motion Analysis

  • Musculoskeletal modelling

  • Medical and Occupational healthcare protocols

  • Interoperability and security in healthcare systems

  • Custom software development in healthcare


  • eHealth/mHealth/integrated care conceptualization and technology roadmap definition
  • Exploratory analysis and profiling of healthcare datasets (clinical, omics, environmental), data potential value analysis
  • Biomechanics exploratory analysis of products/services/applications of rehabilitation, ergonomics and sports
  • Requirements analysis and diagnosis of interoperability and security of healthcare systems, data, and devices
  • Business consultancy for digital health projects

  • eHealth/mHealth/integrated care solutions which include hardware and software
  • Data analytics in healthcare (clinical, omics, environmental) which may include Big Data infrastructures and clinical decision support systems
  • Biomechanics solutions for rehabilitation, ergonomics or sports
  • Solutions of systems, data and/or devices interoperability and security in healthcare
  • Living Lab for co-creation of digital health products and services

  • Solutions of integrated care and mHealth
  • Data analytics in medicine and clinical decision support systems
  • Biomechanics analysis and solutions of rehabilitation, ergonomics and sport
  • Interoperability and security in healthcare systems


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