Eurecat actions against COVID-19

We contribute with technological capabilities in the digital, industrial, sustainability and biotechnological fields to mitigate the epidemic

  • Testing fabric materials for sanitary applications
  • Development of healthcare products and platforms for the medical field
  • Real-time PCR test-equipment
  • Big Data & AI for prevention and decision making
new normality

We make specialized services available to companies to help them adapt to the new normal

  • Viricidal surface treatments
  • Touchless products and systems

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AMbigs de coneixement

A multidisciplinary and multinational team of scientists and technologists working in more than 160 projects of applied R & D, aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge for transfer to specific applications and solutions that meet the needs of the industrial fabric.


Eurecat directs its activity in all sectors, but especially to seven main strategic areas: Food, Energy and Resources, Industrial systems, industries based on design-related industries sustainable mobility Industrial Health and Cultural Industries and based on experience.


Eurecat, the big industrial technology provider of Catalonia offers business services applied R & D, technology services, technology consulting, training highly specialized development of innovative products and services, and promotion and dissemination of technological innovation .