The first observatory using big data and artificial intelligence to identify and predict future epidemics opens in Catalonia

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The Eurecat technology centre has today hosted the presentation of the first project using big data analysis and artificial intelligence to prevent epidemics by helping to predict, identify and mitigate their spread. Technical coordination will be provided by the Center for Innovation in Data tech and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI). The project is to use advanced digital technology to deliver new mathematical [...]

Eurecat and UIB join forces to speed up the development of vaccines and drugs against COVID-19

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The Eurecat technology centre and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) have inked a partnership agreement to enable the UIB’s Nutrigenomics research group and Eurecat’s Biotechnology division to launch joint research initiatives on ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) and related areas mainly focused on respiratory and viral diseases. The purpose of the partnership is to enable researchers from the UIB, [...]

A reusable and reconfigurable mask is being developed in Catalonia to protect professionals during potential COVID-19 flare-ups

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The Girona Medical Association, Tecnoateneu Vilablareix, Soler & Palau, Prometal3D, Eurecat, Aira Robotics, BTwice, Stimulo, Artein Gaskets, Venfilter, Mini Pleat Filter, Tallers Jaume, Alzamora Packaging and Impremta Pagès have developed a reusable and reconfigurable mask which can be fitted with FFP3 and FFP2 filters delivering utmost protection against coronavirus to ensure the safety of professionals in case of fresh COVID-19 upsurges. The [...]

Eurecat collaborates on a European solution for fighting pandemics using sewerage analysis and Artificial Intelligence

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The Eurecat technology centre has won one of the challenge categories in the European #EUvsVirus hackathon with a solution for forecasting epidemic outbreaks in real time by analysing sewerage using microbiology and Artificial Intelligence tools. It has been developed in conjunction with researchers from the KWR Water Research Institute, Exeter University, Thessaly University and the [...]

Eurecat successfully tests a new system designed by E. Vila Projects to disinfect face masks using infrared radiation and ultraviolet light

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The Eurecat technology centre has successfully tested in its Manresa laboratories the system developed by E. Vila Projects, a firm based in Sant Fruitós de Bages, which uses infrared and ultraviolet radiation technology to disinfect FFP2 and FFP3 masks so they can be reused. These face masks provide the greatest protection against Covid-19. The trial [...]

The Sant Joan de Déu Health Park is to remotely monitor residents in its network of homes with mental health support using new Eurecat technology

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The Sant Joan de Déu Health Park in Sant Boi is to implement a remote monitoring solution developed by the Eurecat technology centre and called ekenku to monitor the 23 places in the programme for homes with mental health support managed by the health institution. This new technological solution will allow the team of psychologists [...]

Hospital de Sant Pau, QEV Technologies, Nissan and Eurecat have developed a respirator to supply emerging countries

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Hospital de Sant Pau, the engineering company QEV Technologies,  the automobile company Nissan and the technology centre Eurecat have developed the Q-Vent respirator to be used in hospital ICUs to alleviate the lack of equipment generated by the Covid-19 throughout the world. Its design is intended to contribute to supplying emerging countries given its performance [...]

Telemedicine to be prioritised and take a rapid five-year leap forward says Eurecat

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Telemedicine “will suddenly take a five-year leap forward in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and this will bring its real benefits up to the level of the potential it offers”, argues Felip Miralles, Director of the Eurecat technology centre’s eHealth Unit. He points to clinical process modelling, promoting prevention, monitoring and decision support as [...]

Donation of single-use foetal monitoring belts for pregnant women to prevent the spread of coronavirus

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The Eurecat technology centre, Barcelona Provincial Council and start-up Treematernity are to donate hundreds of single-use pregnancy monitoring belts which they have jointly developed to avoid the reuse of traditional belts and the bacterial load that this entails. The aim is to help prevent potential coronavirus infections in hospital mother and baby units. The belts [...]

Eurecat brings its capabilities and infrastructure into play to help tackle COVID-19

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The Eurecat technology centre is using its multi-technology capabilities to address COVID-19. They include developing devices, software and hardware for data processing, expertise in artificial intelligence applied to bioinformatics, infrastructures for biotechnology trials and analysis, setting up platforms and knowledge transfer. Over recent weeks the technology centre has been delivering its knowhow in the integrated [...]

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