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Big Data CoE Barcelona

The point of reference for companies in data evaluation

The Big Data Centre of Excellence Barcelona (Big Data CoE Barcelona) is an initiative led by Eurecat, with the support of Oracle and under the auspices of the Catalan Government and the Barcelona City Council. The mission of this centre is to build, progress, bring together and offer companies tools, sets of data and differentiated Big Data infrastructures.

All of these aspects will enable companies to define, experiment with and validate Big Data models before their final implementation.

The Big Data CoE Barcelona also offers training services for field professionals (data scientist, data engineers and data business analyst), as well as an outreach programme of the trends and success stories at Big Data.

Moreover, Eurecat has vast R & D potential in the Data Sciences field, which combines disciplines such as data mining and automatic learning, highly scalable system engineering and viewing. With a completely applied focus, these capacities are used in different domains and business sectors, such as the banking and financial sector, industry, social media, trade, tourism, utilities, health, etc.

All of these assets are placed to the service of the Big Data CoE, to offer a complete innovation model that will serve as a key base of support for companies during their strategic decision process; and together, they will accelerate the innovation of the business sector as a whole, thanks to the evaluation of the information.

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