Plastic Processing Pilot Plant

//Plastic Processing Pilot Plant
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Plastic Processing Pilot Plant

An international benchmark for plastic transformation

In Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona), Eurecat-Ascamm has the largest pilot plant for new plastic transformation technologies in Southern Europe.

Plastic injection, along with other polymer moulding processes, continues to be the most important industrial process for the replication of pieces, thanks to the vast geometric freedom that it provides and the low costs of large production volumes.

At both the national and international levels, Eurecat-Ascamm is a well-known specialist of these processes, which have gradually evolved and adapted through the years, giving rise to different families such as: multi-component injection, gas assisted injection moulding (GAIM), injection compression moulding, in-mould Decoration (IMD), etc.

In all of  these processes, Eurecat offers the industry experience and technical and R & D know-how for the industrialisation, testing and manufacture of pre-series.

The Centre’s own technology

Sonorus, the first commercial machine for micro-piece moulding by way of ultrasound

From this extensive and recognised experience, and in the  specific area of microinjection and mini-injection, Eurecat-Ascamm has developed a new moulding process  using ultrasound, based on USMTM (Ultrasonic Moulding) technology.

Launched on the market by the  spin-off Ultrasion, Sonorus is the brand name of the new microinjection machine that is already is enormously benefitting companies in Spain and around the world that have incorporated it into their production processes.

Moreover, Eurecat-Ascamm is currently making improvements to the machine through R & D projects, with the aim of expanding the features and potential applications

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