Unmanned Systems Industrial Robotic Platform (USIRP)

Advanced industrial robotics to the service of the industry and rescue teams

The industrial robotics platform based on unmanned systems is made up of machinery and cutting-edge infrastructures that have been put to the service of the industry and of the civil organisations.

The USIRP was born out of the need for unmanned ground, air and marine vehicles that were specially designed to carry out civil and military tasks.

These vehicles, which are generically known as UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), are used in repetitive tasks of  transport or work in polluted or dangerous environments where human beings would be unable to carry out the work safely.

Eurecat-Ascamm has developed a set of integrated robots to assist the rescue teams in tasks involving the detection, location and rescue of survivors.

The ICARUS robots are aerial, ground and marine vehicles that carry out fast mapping tasks, provide real-time images of the area and detect victims through the use of thermography.

Eurecat-Ascamm has also developed autonomous robust control and navigation solutions that make it possible to fly in adverse weather conditions.