Prototyping and manufacturing singular parts or short series of metal in complex shapes now is possible!

The Incremental Sheet Forming machine (ISF) by Eurecat offers a new technology service from prototype and short series manufacturing to complete transfer of technology to companies, involving a tailor-made machine to meet your manufacturing news

Unlike conventional proceses, the main advantage of ISF by Eurecat is that does not requiere investment into costy tools, suchs as dies.

The technology is based on two manufacturing concepts:

  • 3D incremental forming: the part is formed as a result of slight deformations applied successively layer by layer through the CAM program.
  • Rapid manufacturing: the part can be made directly from the 3D file, with no need to make tools, thus accelerating the production process like 3D additive manufacturing technologies.

ISF technology applications: metal sheet included

The main use for incremental sheet forming technology is the production of prototypes and short series of sheet metal parts.

You can use different work materials for ISF technology such as:

  • Aluminium (anodised for complex shapes)

  • Conventional Steel

  • High-strength steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Titanium alloys

Incremental sheet forming process

ISF technology by Eurecat is mainly aimed to produce singular parts or short series, without using die


Automotive, aero, marine and rail part manufacturers.


ISF for the production of exclusive and unique pieces.


Sheet metal transformation companies that work for companies that make products with a sheet metal shell or special vehicles, such as hearses, ambulances, tow trucks coaches, etc.


Would you like to know more about ISF technology?

Eurecat offers ISF machinery design and construction services that meet your specific needs. We can also manufacture parts on the Eurecat premises in Cerdanyola (Barcelona).

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