At this week’s Advanced Factories trade fair, the Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) has unveiled a new, pioneering 3D printing technology that makes it possible to create bespoke anatomical models in silicone. The models can be made from monocomponents or biocomponents and are aimed at the biomedical and healthcare industries.

According to Raffaele Caminati, the director of Eurecat’s Advanced Manufacturing Systems Unit, “this new system enables the manufacture, in silicone, of models of any part of the body where surgery may be performed. As the mechanical and textural properties of silicone are very similar to those of the human body, the models make it possible to conduct pre-operative trials and tests”.

“Silicone is compatible with the human body and is already being used to produce moulded parts for biomedical and health-related uses. The 3D printing system developed by Eurecat opens the door to the production of tailor-made prostheses”, Caminati added.