Joint Research Unit (JRU) of Metal Digital Manufacturing

The Metal Digital Manufacturing (JRU) is a Joint Research Unit driven by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Europe and Eurecat that brings together the knowledge, facilities and experience of RMIT’s Advanced Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing Centers, together with the Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing of Eurecat.

The unit covers the entire value chain, from advanced design and fabrication of metal components to the development of alloys and new materials that allow innovative design solutions to be customized throughout the value chain of metal digital manufacturing including:

  • Virtual Design

    Requirements characterisation and topological optimisation.

  • Materials & processes

    Select and develop suitable materials and processing parameters to reach application requirements.

  • Proof of concept and prototypes

    Specimens and prototypes manufacturing to validate virtual design and to test properties at lab-scale.

  • Performance assessment

    Testing specimens and prototypes for final product optimisation.

  • Manufacturing and industrial implementation

    Digital manufacturing including post-processing and implementation aspects.