3Digital Manufacturing Lab (3DML)

The 3Digital Manufacturing Lab (3DML) is a collaborative space to promote digital manufacturing and 3D printing technologies that generate new knowledge in the territory and deploy the technology in the industrial, social and research fields.

It is an open and collaborative infrastructure with the participation of research staff from Eurecat and research groups of the UdG, in order to promote knowledge transfer in advanced manufacturing technologies.

In this line, the 3Digital Manufacturing Lab (3DML) facilitates access, use and learning of digital manufacturing technologies to companies and industry, citizenship, school, university, entrepreneurship and agents of the innovative ecosystem by putting industrial machinery at their service.

The implementation of 3DML is part of the collaboration agreement signed between the University of Girona and Eurecat. This responds, doubly, to the Strategic Plan of the UdG2030: the sum of intelligences, and Eurecat’s strategy to develop skills and technology with the main agents of knowledge of the territory and oriented to business and society.

What can you find in the 3DML Showroom?


    Additive manufacturing of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites for transportation, health and sports.


    Development of customized products based on bio-inspired multi-material structures from additive manufacturing.

  • Blackbelt 3D- Textil

    Modification of an FFF 3D printer with conveyor belt technology to print on fabric.


    Circular economy action in island regions through the recovery of plastics and agricultural waste.

  • 3D model for planning parathyroid adenoma surgery

    Assistance in planning the second surgical intervention of a parathyroid adenoma to minimize surgical invasiveness.


    Diseño digital y fabricación de prótesis poliméricas.

  • Electrospinning

    Development of a universal electrospinning module to convert any Cartesian XYZ machine into an electrospinning machine for the fabrication of scaffolds.

  • Innopowder

    Strategies and related technologies for the manufacture of micrometric metallic powders for advanced powder metallurgy processes.

  • Tools for holding musical instruments

    Horn support for children’s instrumentalists.

  • Liquid Additive Deposition (LAD)

    Additive manufacturing technology for the manufacture of parts with silicones.

  • Organ On a Chip (OOC) and Microbioreactor (MBRs)

    Biomedical technologies consist of the application of engineering and science to the design of new equipment and processes that help replicate human physiology.

  • Reinforce 3D

    Innovative post process technology that drastically improves the mechanical properties of 3D printed parts.

  • Fabricación de prótesis vasculares

    ST3DT y DIW: Desarrollo de tecnologías para la fabricación de prótesis vasculares.

  • 3D printing of an ancient instrument, the Xeremia

    3D printed replica of a Xeremía, one of the most representative instruments of the Barcelona Music Museum.


Genís Portas

3DML Coordinator