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Eurecat’s capabilities to help address COVID-19

The crisis caused by the coronavirus has forced many countries and organizations to take extraordinary measures at the economic, health, collective protection, etc. level. From Eurecat we want to be part of the call and we put our multidisciplinary team and leading facilities to deal with COVID-19.

Support actions:

A reusable and reconfigurable mask is being developed in Catalonia to protect professionals during potential COVID-19 flare-ups

June 10th, 2020|

The Girona Medical Association, Tecnoateneu Vilablareix, Soler & Palau, Prometal3D, [...]

Eurecat collaborates on a European solution for fighting pandemics using sewerage analysis and Artificial Intelligence

May 4th, 2020|

The Eurecat technology centre has won one of the challenge [...]

Eurecat successfully tests a new system designed by E. Vila Projects to disinfect face masks using infrared radiation and ultraviolet light

April 20th, 2020|

The Eurecat technology centre has successfully tested in its Manresa [...]

Technological capabilities:

Materials and device development capabilities

1. Integrated design and development of medical devices, drawing on its expertise and extensive experience in plastic, metal, composite and fabric materials or a combination of them and their processing to take the developed and tested product to approval and the market.

2. Testing fabric materials for sanitary applications. This includes tests for UNE-EN 14683:2019: Medical face masks.

3. Development of firmware for medical devices and equipment plus capabilities in printed electronics and software which can be implemented in the devices (apps, backend, etc.) especially in IoT solutions.

Digital capabilities in data processing, AI and platform development

Long track record of working with leading hospitals including Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Hospital Vall d’Hebron de Barcelona. Experience in projects related to infectious processes with analysis of data from ICU patients at risk of infectious processes and sepsis, including intensive ICU monitoring data as well as clinical and epidemiological data enriched with biological data from patients sequenced in our Centre for Omic Sciences, in order to build models and tools to aid clinical detection in the prognosis and prediction of complications, readmissions and mortality.

4. Developing applications and platforms for managing and analysing medical data: proven experience in data analytics for life sciences (clinical, epidemiological, biological, medical imaging and physiological and biometric sensor data). Application of statistical and bioinformatics techniques, machine learning and artificial intelligence across the entire data lifecycle (acquisition, healing, pre-processing, statistical characterisation and development and validation of predictive models based on Deep Learning or other AI techniques).

5. Data analysis capabilities as coordinators of the CIDAI (Centre for Innovation in Data Tech and Artificial Intelligence).

6. Proprietary computing cluster (CPUs + GPUs) which allows for complex and computationally-intensive big data and AI projects. Data analytics for establishing mobility patterns.

Biotech capabilities

Eurecat’s Biotech Area, which includes the Centre for Omic Sciences (a joint unit with Rovira i Virgili University) and its Nutrition and Health Unit. The Centre for Omic Sciences is a Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) equipped with all the latest technology for metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and genomics. It has enormous experience in searching for biomarkers and integrating the data derived in a range of omic technologies.

7. Extensive experience in real-time PCR studies Complete equipment for diagnosing COVID-19 using real-time PCR. It has three PCR preparation cabinets, two real-time PCR devices, three thermal cyclers, a Sanger sequencer and three next generation sequencing units.

8. Extensive experience in metabolomics studies. It could assist with the search for new biomarkers in nasal swab samples from patients using a metabolomic approach (GC-MS and LC-MS). This would be research alongside PCR diagnosis and could make it possible to find prognostic biomarkers as is the case in other infectious diseases.

9. The Nutrition and Health Unit has all the reagents and infrastructure needed to conduct the microbial cleanliness trials required in the tests to validate fabric facemasks for sanitary use.

Talent training capabilities

10. Good practices and advice on telecommuting.

11. Online training content in various technological fields.

Together we face the new normality with companies

The crisis caused by the coronavirus forces to adapt ways of working, infrastructures and spaces to the companies to face the new normality; including day-to-day management, the development of various technological solutions (e.g. touchless) and the promotion of digital transformation actions to enhance online channels. Eurecat provides support in multiple technological areas to adapt to the requirements and demands of the new normal with companies.

Do you need us to help you adapt your business to the new normality?

Touchless products and systems

Eurecat anticipates a high demand for contactless pulsation systems in places like public transport, leisure places, street furniture, elevators or offices, as a result of the coronavirus to respond to the new behavioral habits introduced by the coronavirus.

Sectors related to mobility and transport, such as automotive, aeronautics and railways, are some of the priority areas. Plastronics is one of the technologies that can facilitate the replacement of traditional direct contact keypads and touch surfaces with contactless solutions.

Viricidal surface treatments

There is an estimated growth in the application of coatings with viricidal properties on elements of community use such as door handles, knobs, handrails, handles, railings, buttons, switches, bathroom and kitchen elements, etc. of hospitals, public transport, residences, supermarkets, restaurants, etc., in order to prevent or mitigate infection by contact with SARS-CoV-2

Eurecat has the know-how and facilities to support companies that need to respond quickly to the market, through the development and testing of viricidal coatings against the SARS-Cov-2.

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