Eurecat, with a global vocation, has an internationalization strategy that responds to three main objectives:

Support companies in their internationalization processes through technological innovation

Promote strategic collaborations at international level

Promotion of the portfolio of products and services of the center

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Success cases:

Predictive tools to optimize the production of PV plants in Chile

Eurecat, with the support of CORFO, has been involved in the development of SMP SOLAR, a predictive maintenance system for the optimization of PV plant production in Chile, along with Cima Business Factory Latam, Lader Energy and ERAM.

The solution includes a monitoring system that is capable of collecting and processing information from different PV facilities to monitor plants and predictively diagnose possible deviations and abnormalities in their operation, using neural networks.

It also has an optimization system to determine the optimum maintenance actions according to the state of the plants.

Commit to the sustainability of the plastic industry in El Salvador

Eurecat studies the feasibility of building and equipping a pioneering business technology innovation and development center in sustainability for the plastics industry in El Salvador, a sector that, according to data from the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security, it is made up of hundreds of companies and employs more than 9,000 direct workers.

The research aims to define the model of the new center and the services and facilities to improve the assistance provided to the business fabric and to promote the potential conversion of the plastic sector to the circular economy.

Biochemical markers to test the benefits of orange juice on blood pressure for the State of Florida

Eurecat’s Nutrition and Health Unit has participated in the CITRUS study, along with an international consortium formed by the European subsidiary of the International Juice Manufacturers Association (AIJN), the largest citrus and juice producers in Brazil and the support of the State of Florida.

Research has focused on checking the healthy effects of consuming natural orange juice on blood pressure.

Carme Margelí 

Head of Internationalization in Eurecat

Tel. +34 937 419 100