We promote the creation of new companies

Eurecat supports projects to create spin-offs, based on technologies developed by the center itself, in collaboration with other companies or in technology transfer activities.

We generate international patents every year and promote the creation of new spin–offs that contribute to taking root and generating quality employment.

airfi NEBTS eurecat

Marketing of information and communication technologies (Wifi + ILBS).

Production method for circular knitting machines based on a predictive quality control system that detects typical manufacturing defects and reports them non-intrusively.

Enric Martí – CEO / Xavier Plantà – CEO


Device for medical emergencies to support cardiopulmonary resuscitation protocols – CPR

Xavier Castells – CEO

ephion health

Digital platform for monitoring, through artificial intelligence, the evolution of patients with diseases that affect mobility.


Research and development of innovative biomedical devices based on nanobiotechnology, photonics and Lab-on-a-chip for the improvement of people’s health, well-being and safety.

Data platform for the detection, management and reduction of odor episodes generated by industrial activities near population centers.

José Luis Gomáriz – CEO

Neos Surgery NEBTS eurecat

Innovative devices for cranial and spinal neurosurgery.

New post-process for reinforcing 3D printed parts using continuous carbon fibers.

ultrasion NEBTS eurecat

Ultrasound microinjection technology.

torrot NEBTS eurecat

Citizen electric moped with an innovative charging solution.