Applied Artificial Intelligence

The Applied Artificial Intelligence Unit of Eurecat develops innovative solutions (algorithms, methods, platforms) based on a combination of artificial intelligence and knowledge management technologies, especially for the industrial, energy and sustainability sectors.


integrated intelligence eurecat

Interoperability, distribution and collaboration of integrated intelligence

  • Virtual sensors.

  • Integrated intelligence for local decisions.

  • Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Digital twins.

interoperability eurecat

Interoperability, normalisation and homogenisation

  • Interoperability and data sharing between services.

  • IoT platforms combined with big data functions.

  • Integration, homogenisation and standardisation of heterogeneous data sources.

artificial intelligence eurecat

Transforming data into usable knowledge

  • Data cleaning and preparation for additional analysis.

  • Applied analysis of geospatial data and time series.

  • Process and resource optimisation.

  • Knowledge engineering and semantic web.

data arquitectures

Specialised hybrid architectures

  • Artificial intelligence as a service (AlaaS).

  • Hybrid architectures (big data,IoT, semantics).

  • Insigth platforms.

  • Decision support and real-time recommendations.


Smart Objects Eurecat

Smart objects

  • Rapid prototyping.

  • PoC.

  • Digitalisation and connectivity.

  • Specialised consultancy and training.

  • Laboratories.

Hyperconnectivity eurecat


  • System integration and homogenisation.

  • PoC.

  • Virtualisation.

  • Specialised consultancy and training.

Smart Data Eurecat

Smart data

  • Data quality.

  • Smart maintenance/useful life of assets and improved use.

  • Quality/conservation prediction.

  • Demand forecasting.

  • Productivity growth forecasting.

  • Resource optimisation.

  • Zero-defect manufacturing.

  • Smart programming.

Smart Platforms Eurecat

Smart platforms

  • Data analytics service (SaaS).

  • Predictive management (resources, processes, demand).

  • Real-time decision support systems (DSS).

  • Advanced reporting: KPIs, dashboard, etc.

  • Scenario analysis and characterisation.

  • Specialised consultancy and training.

  • Laboratories.


Watener, spin-off created jointly by Eurecat and Grupo Inclam for improving the daily operation and management of water networks in the water-energy nexus.

European project ICT4Water

European project Preview

Most representative sectors

Sim4Nexus Projecte Eurecat


Integrated, efficient, and sustainable management system of soil, food, energy, and climate resources

GreenCharge projecte Eurecat


Technological solutions and business models for electric vehicles charging.

NobelGrid projecte Eurecat


Integrated solution offering new energy consumption models with direct involvement from final consumers.

Stop-it project Eurecat


Tools for risk analysis and prevention in water supply infrastructures to counteract cyber attacks.


Applied Artificial Intelligence Team

Xavier Domingo Eurecat

Xavier Domingo Albin

Director of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Unit

Computer Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) and Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Lleida (UdL). He has twenty years of experience in intelligent data-driven services, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, high-performance hybrid architectures with data analytics and optimisation capabilities applied to predictive and prescriptive management, dynamic planning or automation.