Audiovisual Technologies

The Audiovisual Technologies Unit of Eurecat provides binaural audio, 3D sound and production and post-production of audiovisual content.


  • 3D reconstruction from multi-view images.

  • Image restoration through automatic segmentation, inpainting and matting techniques.

  • Automatic creation of anaglyphs and stereoscopic images.

  • Pattern and logo recognition in video and television.

  • 3D music.

  • Recording, production and post-production of 3D audio.

  • Immersive 3D audio systems.

  • Binaural sound technology.


postproduction eurecat


  • Development of post-production tools for cinema and television in the form of plug-ins for the most commonly used post-production platforms in the professional sector.

multicamera eurecat

Multicamera system

  •  Multicamera system for the 3D reconstruction of all kinds of objects, including people’s faces. The system can create high-precision models.

installations eurecat


  • Interactive facilities and virtual environments for the creative industry, events and museums.

3D audio production tools

for professionals and artists

New experiences of 3D audio wherever your audience is

Sfëar is offering a music market revolution: a new technology that enables professional sound producers, venues, artists and show producers to easily generate 3D-format content compatible with the main music production and distribution platforms.


Research into various aspects of immersive audio.

Automated logo detection for the Sport brand on the advertising boards of a football ground.

European project BINCI


Key projects

Autopost eurecat


Flexible post-production tool that simplifies the generation of special effects.

2020 3D eurecat

2020 3D Media

New technologies for capturing, producing, networking and displaying 3D sound and images.

furnit eurecat


Virtual and augmented reality technologies, recommendation engines based on artificial intelligence and ecommerce solutions to produce a smart marketplace for furniture customisation.

binci eurecat


Integrated software and hardware solution to ease the production, postproduction and distribution of binaural or 3D audio content.

Most representative sectors

3D and binaural audio laboratory

Audiovisual Technologies Team

Adan Garriga Eurecat Multimedia

Adan Garriga

Director of the Audiovisual Technologies Unit at Eurecat.

Doctor of physics (University of Barcelona, 2004), he has taught at the University of Barcelona (2003–2004), Pompeu Fabra University (2004–2008) and the University of the Balearic Islands (2008–2015). He was the Vice-Director of the Computer Studies Department at Pompeu Fabra University from 2005 until 2008. He has written in more than fifteen indexed scientific publications in the fields of mathematical physics and acoustics. He is currently leading the development of the Sfëar brand, which specialises in 3D audio for music and virtual reality.