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Composite Materials

The Composite Materials Unit at Eurecat strives to improve compounding technologies and continuous strengthening techniques.


development eurecat Composite Materials


Development of lightweight pieces of high mechanical performance with advanced manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing Eurecat Composite Materials


Manufacturing of thermoplastic compounds with high added value through extrusion and compounding.


compouding eurecat composite materials

Extrusion – Compounding

  • Development of thermoplastic compounds adapted to the application.

  • Manufacturing tests and trials.

  • Characterisation of developed materials.

  • Validation of compounds through various transformation processes: injection, profile extrusion, etc.

  • Monofilament extrusion with different diameters according to requirements.

advanced manufacturing systems composite materials

Advanced Composite Manufacturing

  • Design and structural simulation of the composite piece for structural components.

  • Tailor-made structural textiles and preforms: development of hybrid fibres and textiles, design and manufacturing of textile structures in accordance with geometry and application requirements.

  • Design and manufacturing of forming tools, taking into account process technology.

  • Manufacturing tests and trials with various technologies: hand lay-up, vacuum bag, RTM, press forming, HDF, autoclave and oven.

  • Characterisation of compound materials and composite pieces.

Most representative sectors


Key projects

Pidaaas Projecte


Innovative service for identity management based on biometric recognition technologies (digital fingerprint scanner, voice recognition and facial recognition) through mobile devices.

Optinanopro project


New technology for the dispersion of additives and nanoadditives within plastic for an improvement of mechanical performance, barrier properties and weight reduction.

Hypermembrane demo project


Product completely industrialised and standarised for the construction of light architectural structures that need to reproduce complex geometrie.

Composite Materials Team

Maria eugenia composites eurecat

Mª Eugenia Rodríguez

Director of the Composite Materials Unit at Eurecat

María Eugenia Rodríguez graduated in chemical engineering from the University of the Basque Country (UPV) and holds a postgraduate certificate in “Plastic and rubber injection moulds and technology” from Lea-Artibai. She has over 15 years’ experience in the plastic and composite industry in the private sector.

For over 10 years, she has directed high-level Spanish and European R&D projects, in which she has been responsible for the design, planning, coordination and technical execution of projects and technological services. She has also collaborated with universities and other training centres as a lecturer to teach about themes relating to plastics and composites. She is also the director of postgraduate course “Composites: Structural design, materials and processes”, which has been running at Eurecat for 5 years.

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