Digital Health

The Digital Health Unit specialises in ICT research and innovation to assist patients, professionals and healthcare providers through integrated care, data analytics and biomechanics, thus building and deploying innovative products and services for a personalised, preventive, predictive and participative healthcare.


integrated care ehealth

Integrated care

  • mHealth self-management tools.

  • Assistive technologies.

  • Telehealth (telemedicine, telemonitoring, telerehabilitation).

  • Medical devices.

data analytics in medicine ehealth Eurecat

Data Analytics in Medicine

  • Data management in clinical research.

  • Statistics, knowledge management and machine learning in medicine.

  • Predictive and prescriptive models in health care and medicine.

  • Clinical decision support systems.

biomechanics ehealth eurecat


  • Gait and movement analysis.

  • Musculoskeletal modelling.

  • Medical, occupational safety and sport protocols and applications.

innovation in healthcare ehealth Eurecat

Innovation in healthcare

  • Development of personalised healthcare software and hardware.

  • Interoperability and security in healthcare systems.


eHealth technology dagnostics

Technology diagnostics

  • eHealth, mHealth, conceptualisation of integrated care and definition of technological roadmap.

  • Exploratory analysis and creation of health data set profiles (clinical, omics, environmental), analysis of data’s potential value.

  • Biomechanical analysis of rehabilitation, ergonomics in the workplace and sport products, services and applications.

  • Requirement analysis and assessment of the interoperability and safety of systems, data and healthcare devices.

  • Commercial advice for digital health projects.

innovation projects ehealth

Innovation projects

  • eHealth, mHealth and integrated care solutions, which include hardware and software.

  • Medical devices from concept to certification.

  • Healthcare data (clinical, chemical, environmental) analysis, which may include big data infrastructures and clinical decision support systems.

  • Biomechanical solutions for rehabilitation, ergonomics and sport.

  • Interoperability and security solutions for healthcare systems, data and devices.

  • Living Lab for co-creation of digital healthcare products and services.

ehealth training


  • Integrated care solutions and mHealth.

  • Data analysis in medicine and clinical decision support systems.

  • Biomechanical analysis and rehabilitation, ergonomics and sports solutions.

  • Interoperability and security in healthcare systems.


Ephion Health


 BackHome Project

European project Connecare

Most representative sectors

Key projects

connecare eurecat


Integrated system to provide a better quality of life to patients with chronic pathologies.


 AI-based solutions with the objective to optimise hospital processes and to improve the quality of patient care.



 Innovative platform based on aged cardiac tissue model in order to evaluate the environmental toxicology of chemical mixtures.



Development of devices for growth and maturation of cardiac microtissues for adult-like organotypic models.

Digital Health  Team

Felip Miralles

Director of the Digital Health Unit at Eurecat

Felip Miralles qualified as an IT engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and holds a master’s degree in information systems from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and a doctorate in engineering and advanced technologies from the University of Barcelona.

For over 20 years, he has led IT projects in both the public and private sectors and worked as a businessman and lecturer/researcher (UPV, NJIT, UOC, UB). He has taken charge of the design, planning, coordination and research in various national and European R&D projects and co-authored a number of technical and scientific publications.

He currently leads the Digital Health Unit at Eurecat, which specialises in service-oriented architectures, mobility, the Internet of Things, data analysis, machine learning and healthcare technologies to design, build and implement innovative products and services for personalised, preventive, predictive and participative healthcare.