New Manufacturing Processes

The New Manufacturing Processes Unit carries out innovation and development projects in the field of new technologies for advanced manufacturing processes with a view to overcoming the challenges faced in industry today.


Development of machinery using own technology and Eurecat expertise, from the initial idea to the industrial machine.

ultrasound eurecat


  • Ultrasonic moulding (USM) for the microinjection of plastic pieces.

  • Ad hoc design and simulation of sonotrodes.

  • Application of ultrasound to industrial processes.

microwaves plasma eurecat

Microwaves and plasma

  • Application of microwaves to industry.

  • Design of plasma generators.

  • Transformation of materials.

3d printing eurecat

3D printing

  • Optimisation of 3D printing processes according to the application.

  • Printing with advanced materials.

  • Development of new machinery for additive manufacturing.

photonics eurecat


  • Development of light sources.

  • Optical sensors.

  • Development of microfluidic devices with photonic interrogation.

  • Optical solutions in an industrial environment.

  • Characterisation of materials through spectroscopy techniques.


Process optimisation eurecat

Process optimisation

  • Validation/viability/characterisation of new materials for 3DP.

  • Optimisation of 3DP manufacturing parameters.

  • Design, simulation and trials of microwave, plasma and heat systems.

  • Optimisation of industrial processes through experimental design.

  • Assistance and support for material characterisation through spectral techniques of absorption, emission, reflectance, embellishment and photonic fatigue.

  • Technical support in industry to optimise and improve current photonic systems.

  • Key expertise for establishing and developing the functional, technical and operational aspects that facilitate photonic product production and marketing.

Technology Transfer eurecat

Technology Transfer

  • Implementation of and training in new 3DP technology in industry.

  • Implementation of and training in new microwave and plasma technology.

  • Implementation of and training in ultrasound technology in industrial processes.

  • Design and manufacturing of optical sensors and light sources in all spectral ranges.

  • Development of optical and photonic devices from new materials to obtain new light sources and to use nanostructured materials as optical sensors in any spectral range.

machine eurecat

Construction of machinery and components

  • Manufacturing of pieces using additive manufacturing technologies (FFF, FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS).

  • Construction of 3D printers with new technology.

  • Construction of waveguides and plasma generators.

  • Manufacturing of pieces with ultrasonic moulding technology (USM).

  • Ad hoc design, simulation and manufacturing of sonotrodes.

  • Construction of machines with incremental sheet forming technology (ISF).

  • Manufacturing of customised photonic products.

  • Manufacturing of new light sources (solid-state lasers, for example).

  • Manufacturing of photonic sensors and biosensors that bring added value to current detection systems.


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Key projects

optinanopro eurecat


New technology for the dispersion of additives and nanoadditives within plastic that improves the material’s mechanical benefits, increase barrier properties, and even reduces the weight and final cost of the pieces to be manufactured.



Advanced Predictive System (APS) for the mould injection industry that reduces the time that it takes to set up a mould, cut down energy consumption and waste material and increase productivity.

sonorus eurecat


First ultrasonic molding machine to produce micro functional parts with complex shapes.

New Manufacturing Processes Team

Raffaele Caminati

Director of the New Manufacturing Processes Unit at Eurecat

Raffaele Caminati is an expert in new industrial processes. He holds a PhD in applied mechanical engineering from the University of Bologna, as well as a master’s degree in neurolinguistic programming. He is currently the director of the New Manufacturing Processes Department at Eurecat.

Within the New Manufacturing Processes Department, he leads the main lines of research, which include the application of photonics, ultrasound and microwaves to industrial processes and additive manufacturing.