Robotics and Automation

Applied R&D in the field of industrial and service robotics. We help our clients and partners innovating by seeking together the best technological solution, 100% adapted to their needs, efficient, ethical and ready to go.


Eurecat counts with a specific Robotics and Automation unit holding more than 15 years of experience in the field, working in both private industrial contracts and publicly funded research projects at a national and international level.

Advances applications robotics automation

Advanced applications

  • Extensive experience in industrial robotics, multi-brand and multi-sector

  • Robotising industrial processes: from manufacturing to quality

  • Advanced robotics cells for machining, cutting, deburring, polishing, assembly, palletising, etc.

  • Adaptive solutions through robotic planning and vision and new approaches: CAD/CAM/ROB, Scan&Plan, Pick&Place, BinPicking, smart assembly, etc.

  • Fast solution prototyping and proof of concept (PoCs)

Industrial perception robotics and automation

Industrial perception

  • Industrial quality inspection: specs verification, defect detection in production, metrology, etc.

  • Vision for robotics: bin-picking, detection and tracking of moving objects, aerial image processsing (color, thermal, spectral): hotspot and persons multi-tracking

  • Deep learning for segmentation on hyperspectral images: vegetation analysis on drone and satellite images (agriculture and environmental monitoring), material classification for sorting, etc.

Robotics collaboration manipulation

Robotics manipulation and collaboration

  • Advanced manipulation for industrial and collaborative robots

  • Trajectory planning and control for robotic arms

  • Grasping

  • Learning by demonstration

  • Complex manipulation under external forces interaction

  • Design of collaborative tooling and cobotising industrial robots

  • Human-Robot interaction

  • Mobile manipulator as a coworker in industrial applications

ground robots robotics and automation

Ground robots

  • State estimation, localization and mapping in 2D and 3D (SLAM)

  • Autonomous navigation for ground vehicles (AGVs, ground robots, heavy vehicles)

  • Kinodynamic trajectory planners and obstacle avoidance

  • Specialised path planners for complex maneauvres: docking, narrow passages, dynamic obstacles, crowded scenes, multirobot formations, etc.

  • Fleet and multirobot coordination

  • Simulations of fleets and processes

  • Applications: logistics, agriculture, construction, etc.

Aerial Robots robotics and automation

Aerial robots

  • Robust multi-sensor localisation

  • 3D vision-based navigation for indoor and underground operations: RGBD/Stereo SLAM and world modelling (3D occupancy mapping)

  • Purpose specific optimal trajectory generation: exploration, coverage, mapping, graph-based, etc.

  • Real-time detection and tracking of objects of interest

  • Aerial reconnaissance: photogrammetry, Structure-From-Motion, mapping and map segmentation and processing for multiple applications

  • Navigation “into the wild” : fully autonomous inspection of sewers, tunnels, tanks, and other hazardous environments

  • Applications: inspection of infrastructures, search&rescue, emergencies, logistics, agriculture, environmental monitoring, construction, etc.

cognitive robotics automation

Cognitive robotics

  • Robot Learning for intuitive programming and efficient planning

  • Bringing semantics into the robot: understanding the environment in semantic mapping and navigation (concept base goals reasoning)

  • Beyond Cobots: understanding humans emotions and tasks for adaptive robot task planning

  • Affective human-robot cooperation: how to develop naturally-behaved robots


  • Support to Robotics uptake by companies

  • Proof of concepts and feasibility studies

  • Tailored R&D services: design and implementation of advanced algorithms and systems in robotics

  • Cooperative projects

  • Robotics prototypes and product development

  • Upgrading vehicles and machinery to Smart robots

  • Interoperability with existing products and standards

  • Turnkey solutions

Key projects

ARSI project


Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) that will allow inspection brigades to carry out sewer inspections in a safer and more efficient way.

ICARUS project


Unmanned search and rescue technologies for detecting, locating and rescuing humans.

MAIC project


Collaborative industrial mobile manipulator capable of adapting itself to an industrial production environment for assisting operators in manipulating items of various weights and shapes.



Wireless cooperative transportation solution, allowing for large objects cooperative transportation without mechanical attachment between the robots.

Sharework project


Modular and intelligent solution to allow robots to interact physically with humans in a collaborative production environment.







Building Robotics Ecosystems

We are also involved in 3 European Digital Innovation Hubs. We leverage our research experience to accelerate innovation in robotics. We mentor and help robotics SMEs and end-users with automation opportunities in the process of digital transformation and introduction of robotics in three priority sectors for the future: agile production, agri-food and healthcare.

Eurecat contributes to create and promote the Robotics ecosystem at different levels through our participation in different associations. We are very active in euRobotics, with a relevant role in roadmapping through different topic groups, and proud members of the Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation (AER), the Spanish Technological Platform of Industral Security (Pesi), and the Spanish Technological Robotics Platform (Hisparob).

Finally, we also aim at creating talent and giving opportunities to youth in robotics though continuous cooperation with universities. In particular, we co-organized a Master in Robotics and Intelligent Systems.

eu robotics

Robotics and Automation Team

Daniel Serrano

Director of the Robotics & Automation Unit at Eurecat

Computer Engineering Degree from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and MSc in Robotics and Automation from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He holds a professional experience of 17 years involving ground, aerial and underwater and collaborative robotics. He has always worked in high-tech, startup companies and technology centers. As a researcher, he has focused on autonomous navigation, perception and the generation of robot behavior in field, service and industrial robotics applications. He has participated in more than 30 projects, both national and European, acting as a researcher, leader of work packages, technical manager or project manager. He is the author and co-author of several technical and scientific publications. He has also served as a co-organizer and speaker at international conference workshops and working groups. Currently, he also teaches several master’s programs related to robotics.


SEAT innovates with Eurecat in drones’ autonomous vertical navigation inside its factory

The automobile brand SEAT S.A., member of the Volkswagen group, has been operating in its plant in Martorell since 1993.

The pioneering pilot project carried out by Eurecat and SEAT S.A. explores the possibilities of drones to optimize the logistics supply in the factory of the future.