Merger between the CTM Foundation and Eurecat approved

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Merger between the CTM Foundation and Eurecat approved

0989The boards of trustees for the Eurecat technology centre and the CTM Foundation (both members of Tecnio) have today approved the merger of the two organizations. The merger will make the CTM Foundation the focal point for Eurecat’s technological competencies in the fields of sustainability, metallic materials, modelling and process simulation, and represents the culmination of the process of functional integration that has linked the two centres since 2015.

Under the terms of the merger, the 100 staff members employed by the CTM Foundation will retain their jobs and the Foundation’s link to the local area will not only be maintained, but also strengthened through the appointment of a manager for the centre and a regional manager for Central Catalonia.

Additionally, the CTM Foundation will keep its seat on Eurecat’s Board of Trustees and will continue to operate out of its current premises. The ERDF agreement signed by the CTM Foundation for the construction of its headquarters will be subrogated. With regard to employment, Eurecat will assume all of the existing workforce-related obligations, while the merger is also expected to bring improvements to working conditions.

“Today we are completing the formalization of a process of integration that began some years ago. The CTM Foundation has become part of Eurecat, our national tool for boosting innovation, technology transfer and research at industry level. This will benefit companies in Bages and throughout Catalonia.

In real, practical terms the CTM Foundation can expect increased turnover, an influx of new projects and an expanded network of partners and clients”, declared Àngels Chacón, the Director of Business and Knowledge, after the meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Enhancing the capacities and specialization of the CTM Foundation

“With this merger, the CTM Foundation will be fully integrated into Catalonia’s leading organization for industrial research and technology transfer”, explained Xavier Torra, the President of Eurecat. With annual turnover in excess of 50 million euros and a team of over 650 people, “Eurecat now ranks among Europe’s most important technology centres. Our plan for the coming years is to continue to grow in order to boost innovation in Catalan companies and make them more competitive”, he added.

In the words of Francesc Santasusana, the Vice President of the CTM Foundation, “these three years of functional integration between Eurecat and the CTM Foundation have been very positive, and have laid the foundations for a very natural and organic form of merger. They have also helped open the door to change: change that is designed to foster improvement and growth, in terms of resources, capacities and the scope and reach of the Centre”.

According to Torra, “the industry has changed a great deal and companies are looking for cross-cutting solutions that utilize multiple technologies. This can only be offered from within an organization like Eurecat. As such, we are convinced that this merger will bring more corporate clients, open up more areas of research, and generate increased turnover”.

“Overall, the merger brings together experience and knowledge that will improve the capacity for innovation in sectors considered strategic to the Catalan economy, such as sustainability, energy, materials and capital resources. It will also strengthen links to other relevant actors in the field of innovation in Catalonia, and offers great potential for bringing cross-cutting innovation to Catalan industry and companies”, the Eurecat President concluded.

CTM-Central Catalonia Regional Committee and managers for Manresa and Central Catalonia

The current Board of Trustees of the CTM Foundation will become the CTM-Central Catalonia Regional Committee, which will have the power to make decisions regarding the disposal of any of the CTM Foundation’s assets and property and to appoint a member to Eurecat’s Board of Trustees. It will also be responsible for overseeing any projects that fall within its areas of specialization, and to promote any new projects of this type.

Additionally, the merger agreement provides for the creation of the post of manager for Central Catalonia. The manager will form part of Eurecat’s Management Committee and will be responsible for representing Eurecat within the region in question. The post of manager for Eurecat Manresa will also be created, with responsibilities that include coordinating the activities of the centre’s services, identifying the organization’s needs, and proposing investment in support equipment and infrastructure.

In the last three years, Eurecat’s turnover has increased by 55% from 33 to 51 million euros, while the number of clients has grown by 89%. In terms of staffing, Eurecat now has over 650 employees: an increase of 53% compared to the size of its workforce when the technology centre was first created. This increase has been more or less proportional across Eurecat’s different regional centres.

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