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1704, 2024

Cutting-edge solution for designing new high-value food products is one of Eurecat’s innovative technologies at Food4Future

At Food4Future, which is taking place in Bilbao until 18 April, the Eurecat technology centre is showcasing a connected, smart device for controlling the cooking of meat and fish in real time which gives instructions in the kitchen to optimise the quality of the process together with a cutting-edge [...]

1204, 2024

Eurecat taps artificial intelligence in new advanced manufacturing solutions for the textile, automotive and construction sectors

The Eurecat technology centre has showcased at the Advanced Factories trade fair advanced manufacturing solutions drawing on artificial intelligence to transform industrial processes in the textile, automotive, construction and other sectors and unlock Industry 4.0 in enterprises. Specifically, Eurecat has exhibited at Advanced Factories a solution harnessing photonics, the [...]

1104, 2024

Eurecat takes part in OPTIPROT network in search of the best combination of proteins for a healthy and sustainable diet

The Eurecat technology centre is taking part in the Cervera Network of Excellence OPTIPROT project, coordinated by AZTI, which seeks to furnish the food industry with tools to find the best combination of protein sources and shift towards a healthy and sustainable food system. AZTI, the project's coordinador, together [...]

1004, 2024

Eurecat develops new filtration processes to save water and resources in industry

The Eurecat technology centre has developed a new process harnessing membrane technologies to treat liquid effluents from industrial processes and promote saving and recovering water and resources which can be reused in industrial operations. It is on show for the first time at the Advanced Factories trade fair at [...]

504, 2024

CIDAI drives data and artificial intelligence technology uptake in businesses with six new members from the Catalan ecosystem

The Centre of Innovation for Data tech and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI) has welcomed six new member organisations, all of them seeking data and AI-based technologies, to fast-track uptake of these technologies by businesses and society and spur the Catalan AI ecosystem. The CIDAI’s new members are organisations and entities [...]

504, 2024

Canmartex and Eurecat devise a new generation of automated knitting machines with a smaller carbon footprint

Canmartex and the Eurecat technology centre are pioneering a new generation of circular knitting machines, eco-designed to reduce their carbon footprint and automated to optimise efficiency and operator ergonomics in their use, as part of the ECO-TEX project. “The main goal is to help modernise and upgrade the textile [...]

2603, 2024

Digital twins, robotics and CO2 capture are just some of Eurecat’s innovations for decarbonising and digitalising construction

The Eurecat technology centre has presented at Rebuild, the flagship event for the construction industry, technological solutions in areas such as decarbonisation and CO2 capture, robotisation and waste recovery to unlock sustainability, digitalisation and automation in the sector. “The innovations are closely aligned with the big challenges and opportunities [...]

2203, 2024

Eurecat points to the potential of technology innovation as a lever for business competitiveness

The Eurecat technology centre has been at Transfiere in Malaga where it underscored the potential of technological innovation and knowledge transfer to businesses and organisations in the R&I ecosystem as a lever for business competitiveness. Xavier López, Eurecat’s Chief Operating and Corporate Officer, took part in the panel discussion [...]


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