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Development and standardization of the mycoremediation of hydrocarbon polluted soils.

The Torres Quevedo project evaluates the performance of this technology in a systematically manner with soils of different texture, with different inoculum substrates addition and under different environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). One of the main outputs of the project is the release of a mycoremediation implementation guide to help companies and organisations during the application of this treatment.

Mycoremediation is a technique which is currently under development. One of the principal obstacles to become a reference technology is the lack of consensus on the ideal operating conditions, which hinders its reproducibility and transfer.

Eurecat participates in the project through its Water, Air and Soil Unit (WAS), which is executing all the experimental tasks. The project also counts with the participation of Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact (WEEI), which is in charge of the development of the life cycle assessment and the Omic Sciences Unit, which is performing the involved molecular biological analyses.

The objective of the Torres Quevedo (PTQ) Contract Aids is based on the granting of aid for a duration of three years to companies, state-level technology centres, state-level technological innovation support centres, business associations and science and technology parks for contracting work of doctors who develop industrial research projects, experimental development or feasibility studies.

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Torres Quevedo grant –  Development and standardization of the mycoremediation of hydrocarbon polluted soils

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Project funded by the call TORRES QUEVEDO 2019 of AEI (Spanish Research Agency).