Development of a software and hardware integrated solution with the aim to ease the production, postproduction and distribution of 3D audio and binaural audio.

Throughout the BINCI’s project, lasting 18 months, project partners have developed innovative acoustic measurement methods, as well as 3D audio software tools: a set of plugins for 3D and binaural audio production, compatible with most popular digital audio workstations to encourage the creation of 3D sound contents, and a binaural player to experience the binaural soundtracks in mobile devices.

BINCI solution also includes a head-tracking device for headphones, so the reproduction responds to the head movements of the user providing a more accurate sound localization.

The technology developed in the framework of the project has been tested by a group of renowned  European professional sound designers and creatives. Furthermore, three experimental productions have been showcased and tested at the Alte Pinakothek (Munich), Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona), and St. Andrews Castle (Saint Andrews, Scotland). BINCI experimental productions explore the impact of 3D audio on storytelling in cultural spaces and how this audio technology can transform visitors’ experience.

The project, coordinated by Eurecat and funded by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020, has a consortium of five partners from four European countries with the objective of providing audio technology solutions to the Creative Industries in order to push and pull the European market offer of innovative audio contents.

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BINCI – Binaural Tools for Creative Industries

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Project funded by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020 under the call ICT-21-2016 “Support technology transfer to the creative industries”.