Project Description


CERORSOM develops an innovative degassing technology based on the ultrasonic treatment of light metals to demonstrate, for the first time on an industrial scale, that ultrasonic degassing technology can be an efficient resource and environmentally friendly method to be used effectively in industrial conditions.

CERORSOM means a significant improvement for the foundry sector of non-ferrous alloys, delivering a solution that improves melt quality by reducing the gas content and oxide formation between 80-90%, and with a reduction of the gas emissions to the environment by 80-100%, allowing the production of high added value casting parts.

The project demonstrates the feasibility of using ultrasounds to degas large quantities of molten metal in discontinuous operations. CEROSOM will advance the technology’s readiness level from TRL5 to TRL7, transforming the prototypes developed in the ULTRAGASSING project and the functional prototypes of the DOSHORMAT project into a robust pre-commercial machine.

Eurecat has a main role in the project through its Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit, contributing specifically in the design and development of the ultrasonic equipment, base of the project, testing the prototype with molten aluminum and the subsequent redesign, taking into account the test results.


General details


CERORSOM – Development of a degassing technology for industrial manufacturing of light alloy components

Project reference

EuroStars  Id. 11 529

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by EuroStars, co-funded by Eureka Member Countries and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme