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ChefMySelf project main goal is to develop a customizable and extensible (ICT) service ecosystem built around an automatic cooking solution to support older people in preparing meals and maintaining healthy eating habits. A food processor with an accessible interface, specially tailored for the elderly, will encourage them to self-care, accordingly to their particular nutrition requirements, and a social network focused on the topic of healthy aging and eating, will become a tool to motivate them to be active and maintaining existing social relationships and creating new ones.

ChefMySelf will support elderly in developing culturally appropriate guidelines for healthy eating, contributing to reduce risk factors associated with major diseases and increase factors that protect health throughout the life course.

The solution proposed by ChefMySelf Project is going to be applicable all around Europe and will be culturally appropriate and adapted to the user tastes. So solution will feed needs of one of the most increasing collectives of Europe: health elderly people living alone.

General data

CHEFMYSELF – Assistance solution for improving cooking skills and nutritional knowledge for independent elders

Program and call
MINETUR 2014. Ref. Project: AAL-010000-2013-18