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Innovative neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence technologies applied to the design of new food products.

The CIEN CONOCE project applies disruptive technologies in the field of neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of deepening the consumer’s knowledge and perception of multisensory stimuli, developing innovative food products adapted to their needs and preferences.

The solution promoted by the project allows to better understand the consumer, their needs and their responses to a new product in different consumption contexts and, on the other hand, to analyse how these responses can be parameterised to include them systematically in a new comprehensive methodology of product conceptualisation and innovation within the company.

CIEN CONOCE counts with the participation of Eurecat through the Big Data & Data Science Unit, the Applied Artificial Intelligence Unit and the Audiovisual Technologies Unit. More specifically, the role of Eurecat is based on the application to the design and production process of the latest innovations in neuroscience techniques that allow obtaining measurements of behavioural and physiological responses (eye tracking, peripheral physiology, electroencephalogram, etc.).

On the other hand, Eurecat also has the objective to address the improvement in the efficiency of food processing and investigates the use of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, to provide new tools that allow flexible production, so that the creation and adaptation of new products are more agile and less expensive, allowing you to respond quicky to market demand.

CIEN CONOCE consortium is led by Angulas Aguinaga and has the participation of Carinsa, Aldelís, Codorníu, Cerealto Siro Foods, Loop and Seidor.

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General details


CONOCE – Consumer-Oriented Innovation: New food products obtained based on disruptive technologies and neuroscience

Programme and call for tender

Project funded under the call “Proyectos Estratégicos Cien” of the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI) and co-financed by the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme