CKDSens Eurecat

New healthcare platform to improve the wellbeing of patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases by monitoring relevant biochemical parameters in a single drop of blood.

The CKDSens project develops a medical device that offers results in 5 minutes and can be used from the doctor’s office or by the patients themselves. This new system employs an easy-to-use hardware device and a predictive software to make it easier for patients to discover and monitor their kidney disease.

The innovation promoted by CKDSens will offer better diagnosis results, while reducing related costs in the health-care system. More specifically, the main impact of the project will be through simplifying the monitoring of chronic kidney disease, thus reducing the waiting time in hospitals by more than 20%, and improving the quality of life of the patients. Moreover, the monitoring of these biomarkers may enable healthcare professionals to adjust and personalize the prescribed treatments.

The project, apart from Eurecat, is participated by CreatSens startup; the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona; GENESIS Biomed; the University of Barcelona (UB); the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and MADoPA centre. The project has the support of EIT Health, who offers financial resources to create synergies between entities of different specialities to work together on this project.

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CKDSens – A novel home healthcare platform for chronic kidney diseases

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This project has received funding from EIT Health, a body of the European Union

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