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A highly modular and collaborative autonomous ground robot for assisting construction workers on the transportation of heavy materials.

The COBOLLEAGUE project develops an innovative highly modular, collaborative and autonomous ground robot with the objective to assist construction workers on the transportation of heavy tools and materials, enhancing their safety and increasing productivity of building tasks.

The innovation promoted by COBOLLEAGUE has the objective to implement a supportive collaborative tool that shall interact naturally with the worker in a changing environment and to explore the possibilities that a robot in a construction site can provide in terms of digitalization, inspection and safety.

The Robotic and Automation Unit of Eurecat participates in the project developing a BIM-based interface that processes 3D building information, appending structural data to the pose-graph of a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system used by a mobile robot. This enables the robot to access a 3D map of the reference model and to determine its own pose in the construction environment, saving time and being able to perform autonomous navigation to a destination without previously exploring the map.

Also, Eurecat’s implementation enables to track the construction state and to flag updates to the reference model as well, a relevant feature for the construction industry. Eurecat additionally provided the integration of a multi-modal worker-robot interface, allowing the robot to safely follow workers.

COBOLLEAGUE project is a joint collaboration of Eurecat together with Robotnik Automation.

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COBOLLEAGUE – Robotic Colleague for Construction Environments

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Project funded by the European Union’s SMEs Robotics Applications (ESMERA) consortium, in the context of the ESMERA-C.1 challenge “Heavy Tool Carrier in Construction Environments”, under Grant Agreement N° 780265