A novel Cobalt-free Lithium-ion battery technology that overcomes many of the current shortcomings faced by Electrical Vehicle (EV) batteries via the enhancement of each component in the battery system in a holistic manner.

The COBRA project develops a new unique battery system that merges several sought-after features, including superior energy density, low cost, increased cycles and reduced critical materials. The proposed Li-ion battery technology will be demonstrated at TRL6 (battery pack) and validated on an automotive EV testbed.

The innovation promoted by the project ensures an easy adaptation to production lines and scale-up to contribute to a higher market adoption while helping to strengthen Europe’s position in the field.

The Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact (WEEI) Unit of Eurecat participates in the project leading the development of semi-empirical electrochemical models as well as physics-based models involved in the batteries with the aim to compare the performance of different generations of cells developed. On the other hand, WEEI will also carry out models of the thermal behavior of the cells, with the help of computational fluid dynamics simulations, under cell charge and discharge conditions, with the objective of ensuring the optimal working conditions in battery application in EV and necessary when making decisions about the design of the packaging of the batteries. In addition, to ensure a high accuracy in the model, the Unit participates in standard tests where the main parameters to be considered will be characterized in different real conditions of use of these in EV, for optimum performance and durability of the batteries. Lastly, the WEEI Unit will carry out a life cycle assessment of newly developed batteries in the project and a study of a second life use of these batteries once used in EV and will determine the recyclability of the newly developed materials.

Finally, the Product Development Unit, is responsible of making an optimal design of the battery packaging that also includes an optimal refrigeration system to ensure perfect working conditions and minimize the degradation of this new type of batteries to be developed, increasing its useful life.

The COBRA project, led by the Institute of Energy Research in Catalonia (IREC), counts with the participation of a consortium formed by 19 leading organisations and entities for battery production.


General details


COBRA – CObalt-free Batteries for FutuRe Automotive Applications

Project reference 

H2020-LC-BAT-2019 – 875568

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union within the Programme H2020-EU.3.4. – SOCIETAL CHALLENGES – Smart, Green And Integrated Transport and within the Topic LC-BAT-5-2019 – Research and innovation for advanced Li-ion cells (generation 3b)

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