Integrated, innovative and viable solutions to reduce the use of copper and its environmental impact in SUDOE region vineyards.

The use of phytosanitary products derived from copper to prevent diseases in organic and conventional viticulture causes serious environmental problems. According to the European Union, vineyards concentrate the highest amount of copper in soils.

In this sense, the COPPERPLACE project develops and validates a series of integrated, innovative, and viable solutions to reduce the use of copper and its environmental impact in vineyards. The solutions promoted within the project will be transferable and durable to allow that the wine sector complies with the new European law and promoting environmentally sustainable production.

The Chemical Technology Unit of Eurecat participates in the project by developing encapsulation technology for new efficient phytosanitary products that allow reducing the amount of copper used without generating microplastics.

The COPPERPLACE project counts with a consortium coordinated by the Wine Technology Platform (PTV) and formed by 13 multidisciplinary partners from Spain, France, and Portugal.

Within the project, the European patent application EP21382965.8 has been filed for the Formulation to release copper in agricultural uses (26/10/2021) and the book chapter “Alternatives to CU Applications in Viticulture. How R&D Projects Can Provide Applied Solutions, Helping to Establish Legislation Limits” has been published. You can read it here


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COPPEREPLACE – Development and integral implementation of new technologies, products and strategies to reduce the application of copper in vineyards and remedy of contaminated soils in the SUDOE region

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Project funded by the 4th call of the Southwest Europe Territorial Cooperation Program (Interreg SUDOE Programme)

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