Support for the recommendations of the São Paulo authorities to promote the design and implementation of a mobility system and integrate it with other modes of transport, promoting the concept of mobility as a service (MaaS).

The project “Support for the SPTrans Operations and Control Center (COP)” collaborates with the authorities of Sao Paulo with the aim of promoting the conception of a georeferenced information system for mobility and its subsequent integration with other systems, both existing and future.

On the other hand, the project identifies the components to be considered in a future planning system and prepares recommendations focused on the integration of the operations centres of the Metropolitan Region for the implementation of the Mobility as a service (MaaS) concept.

The project is coordinated by Eurecat through the Consulting Unit, which together with the Big Data & Data Science Unit are in charge of tasks related to new technologies (including Artificial Intelligence and Big Data) and future planning through a Roadmap.

The consortium of the project is also formed by the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), MCRIT and CONCREMAT.

General details


Smart Mobility in São Paulo – Support for the SPTrans Operations and Control Centre (COP) recommendations for system design and implementation; for integration of other transport modes and for implementing MaaS

Project reference

World Bank number 1268499

Programme and call for tender

Project financed through the Smart Mobility Program of São Paulo “Improve mobility and accessibility in the city in order to increase the quality of life of the population, especially of the most vulnerable communities”. Funded by the UK Prosperity Program, worth £ 4.6 million.