Development of a control system through a microwave sensor for the optimisation of humidity in the production of compound feed.

The DICAMI project aims to generate a control system capable of memorizing the different electrical responses of a humidity sensor depending on the materials that make up the compound feed, interpolating the response of the system according to the stored calibrations.

DICAMI provides a common response to all systems, regardless of the type of mixer or manufacturing system, obtaining a response based on the main components of the food.

Another objective of the project is the detection of drifting in the humidity sensors and alert about possible changes in their behavior, helping to build a more robust and reliable system.

The industrial production of compound feed in Spain is a very relevant sector, leading the ranking of the European Union. In this sense, one of the most important parameters to control during the production process is humidity. Its control and optimization is decisive, and affects aspects such as the volume of production or the level of waste.

Eurecat participates in the DICAMI project through its Applied Artificial Intelligence Unit, in charge of analszing the system data to look for relationships between the sensor responses and the formulation data, as well as the development of an algorithm benchmark and the generation of a model that combines Data Mining and Machine Learning to perform interpolations between the different stored calibrations.

In addition to Eurecat, the DICAMI consortium is made up of the technology company OnClick, the biosafety consultancy firm Adiveter and the Catalan Alternative Meat and Protein Cluster (INNOVACC).

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DICAMI – Digitisation and advanced calibration of measuring systems with microwave sensors

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Project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism within the framework of calls for Innovative Business Groups (AEI)