The FAMPAI project develops and manufactures, with advanced processes, powdered materials of a metallic, intermetallic and ceramic nature, with a crystalline, amorphous structure, for industrial applications. The project focuses on shaping pieces by means of powder metallurgy and on the treatment and functionalisation of surfaces by means of coverings deposited by projection.

The FAMPAI project should enable these powdered materials to be manufactured and applied, in the hope that Catalonia will become an international benchmark in the production of powder with high added value.

Eurecat has participated in the project through its technological New Manufacturing Processes and Modelling and Simulation Units. The Modelling and Simulation Technical Unit participates in the project developing new powder metal manufacturing techniques, while the New Manufacturing Processes Unit develops techniques for the spheroidisation of particles of ceramic powder. The improvements introduced into the manufacturing and processing methods of this powder aim to improve the current state of the technique to open up new paths and new markets.

FAMPAI is a project of the RIS3CAT Comunitat Indústries del Futur (IdF) co-ordinated by Eurecat and with the participation of the AMES group, TMCOMAS, Gutmar and the Thermal Projection Center (CPT). The objective of the Community is to consolidate an innovative powder that is a leader in efficient, sustainable manufacturing in Catalonia, through the development of a network of skills and pilot plants that will serve to streamline and consolidate the value chain of industrial Research, Development and Innovation.

General details


FAMPAI – Advanced manufacture of powder materials for industrial applications.

Project reference

R+D Project from RIS3CAT Future Industries Community


Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.