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Creation of a new group with the aim to promote transfer and research in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector as a strategic field with great potential within the ICT area.

The FEM-IoT project has been promoted by twelve Catalan research centres and universities that are pioneers in creating IoT solutions and technologies in different fields such as sensors, computing, security or energy consumption, among others. FEM-IoT has the objective of sharing knowledge and capabilities to obtain a coordination model that allows establishing common strategies in research and the transfer of results.

Within the framework of the FEM-IoT initiative, two research projects are promoted to work together on the future challenges of IoT in Catalonia, specifically in the field of smart cities. The first project, called “Connected Street Infrastructure”, aims to design a global, integrated architecture that is capable of meeting all the connectivity and services needs of a smart city. The Functional Printing & Embedded Devices Unit of Eurecat participates in this project, in particular developing a functional prototype with sensors and electronics of low consumption that feeds through the energy collected by the thermoelectric.

On the other hand, the group promotes a second project called “Valorisation of IoT data”, which counts with the participation of the Big Data & Data Science Unit of Eurecat and which has the objective to design and develop the project’s data valorisation platform in a federated way with all the participants to integrate large volumes of data and unify hardware and software standards. Within this second project, we work with two relevant use cases for large cities: energy flows in the streets (including public lighting, recharging electric vehicles or photovoltaic energy, among others) and the analysis of mobility and intensity of traffic in Barcelona.

FEM-IoT is coordinated by i2CAT and is one of the 9 groups of emerging technologies accredited by the Generalitat of Catalunya.

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FEM-IoT – Fostering the Emerging Market of Internet of Things

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Codi SIFECAT: 001-P-00166. Convocatòria tecnologies emergents. Àmbit emergent: Internet de les Coses

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Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.