Project Description


The GEOFIT project develops innovative and optimized geothermal systems with the aim of promoting the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency in the construction sector, mainly in rehabilitation, and implementing advanced methods of inspection based on a multidisciplinary approach.

GEOFIT responds to the need to design a methodology that meets the European requirements of quality and comfort of the occupants and the level of CO2 emissions.

Eurecat Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit and Sustainability Unit participate in the project. The contribution of the Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit is to analyze the failure mechanisms of drill bits and select the optimal materials and parameters to drill each type of terrain in order to improve their performance.

On the other hand, the Sustainability Unit develops new models of energy demand forecasting in buildings, based on the environmental, architectural, constructive and use conditions of the buildings, in order to optimize the design of the HVAC systems and their consumption, as well as to minimize the emissions of CO2.

The GEOFIT project, led by R2M, counts with the participation of 24 partners from ten European countries.


General details


GEOFIT – Deployment of novel geothermal systems, technologies and tools for energy efficient building retrofitting.

Project reference

H2020-LCE-2017-RES-IA 792210

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020 under the call LCE-17-2017 – Easier to install and more efficient geothermal systems for retrofitting buildings