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GO LACTEOS project’s main objective is to design adequate analytical techniques and methodologies to identify and quantify the different types of milk (cow, sheep and goat) used in the manufacture of mixing cheeses. The correct identification and quantification of the milk used in these cheeses guarantees transparency and legal competition among producers, at the same time that increases consumer confidence in the product.

During the development of the project, variables will be investigated regarding the composition of the cheeses and the different manufacturing processes that may affect the correct quantification in the mix cheeses existing in the market analysed.

The GO-LACTEOS project is represented by the Organización Interprofesional Láctea (Inlac)  and coordinated by Eurecat ’s Omic Sciences Technological Unit and counts with the participation of  ZEU-LAB. As subcontracted members, the Agroalimentary Technological Center of Lugo (CETAL), the Aula de Productos Lácteos y Tecnologías Alimentarias (APLTA) and NOVADAYS, S.L. participate in the project.

The project counts with a total budget of €59.305,02, 53% of which funded by the European Union.

General details


GO LACTEOS – Identificación y cuantificación de Componentes lácteos empleados en la fabricación de los quesos de mezcla.

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Nature (47%), under the framework of the National Program of Rural Development, and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER) (53%).


Budget: 59.305,02€
Funded: 59.305,02€ (100%).