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GREENOMED aims to test and transfer an inter-regional Clusters-centred cooperation methodology aimed to set the basis of an interconnected network of regional pilot plants.

GREENOMED targets mainly regional clusters that with the projects’ solution will be able to offer more advanced services to their members, will internationalize their activity and strengthen the relationship with Regional Authorities. On the other hand, companies and research/innovation organizations will benefit from a structured process to become joint protagonists of the construction of the pilot plants system, based on their needs.

Expected results:

  • Structured methodology enabling design and implementation of pilot plants, which is widely adoptable by European Clusters.
  • New service offerings of Clusters and other intermediaries to increase companies’ capabilities in green manufacturing innovation.
  • Running projects of pilot plants boosting green manufacturing innovation in Europe.
  • Policy and institutional framework supporting the establishment and access to pilot plants for the uptake of green technologies.

Join GREENOMED community if you are a company, technology provider, research institute, cluster, policy maker or any other entity that is interested in boosting green and sustainable manufacturing in MED regions.

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GREENOMED – Mediterranean Trans-Regional Cooperation for Green Manufacturing Innovation

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GREENOMED is an EU-funded project under INTERREGMED Programme co-funded by ERDF aiming at boosting green and sustainable MED regions.



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