GREENTRONICS sustainable mobility project

The GREENTRONICS project develops components, electronic products and services for different applications in the sustainable mobility industry (electric and hybrid vehicles with high voltage batteries, 48V automotive systems and alternative systems).

Unlike countries such as Japan, the United States and Germany, as well as China and South Korea, Catalonia lacks of a strong industry around the components of the sustainable mobility sector. Despite having a long industrial tradition in the sector of automotive components and that the automotive industry is one of the key Catalan economic sectors, there is not a well-established electric mobility technologies network.

The GREENTROMICS project represents a strategic opportunity for the development of new products for the sustainable mobility market, as well as to boost the Catalan industry in this field.

GREENTROMICS is a project of RIS3CAT’s ECO Mobility Community, with the participation of Fico Triad, Idneo Technologies, Idiada, Industrias Technoflex, Scutum, Easysurf, Doga, UPC and Eurecat. The Community aims at integrating knowledge and fostering the collaboration of the main agents of the sustainable mobility sector for their specialization in this field.

Eurecat, with its extensive experience in batteries, will support the development of energy storage and researching systems throughout the entire value chain, from the characterization of batteries and their aging, to their validation and certification.

General details


GREENTRONICS – Electronic components development for a sustainable mobility

Project reference

R+D Project Comunitats RIS3CAT

Number: COMRDI15-0009-02

Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.