Development of an immersive online social space based on extended reality through a machine learning agent.

The GuestXR project aims to create an immersive online social space through extended reality, where the focus is on the existence of a machine learning agent called “The Guest”, which can facilitate interaction between participants to help them achieve their intended goals.

“The Guest” is able to analyse the individual and social behavior of the participants based on existing theoretical models from the point of view of neuroscience and social psychology. Additionally, thanks to machine learning, “The Guest” learns over time and becomes more effective in facilitating social interaction.

To modulate social interaction, “The Guest” manages to perform different multisensory actions using, for instance, visual or auditory elements to create particular states of mind and stimulate a relaxed environment when detecting a conflict situation.

“The Guest” is trained to deal with different types of social interactions and is initially tested within situations that may involve conflict, that include participants with hearing impairment or that involve changing attitudes towards climate change. Finally, there is an open call to include another innovative application for “The Guest” to be tested.

The GuestXR consortium, led by Eurecat through its Audiovisual Technologies Unit and the Consulting Department, is made up of eight organizations from six different countries involving a multidisciplinary team with expertise on extended reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, social psychology, neuroscience of emotions, multisensory integration, research ethics and technology transfer.

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GuestXR – A Machine Learning Agent for Social Harmony in eXtended Reality

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Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under the FETPROACT-2018-2020 – Boosting emerging technologies

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