Collaborative robots and cameras for fruit harvesting and handling.

The HarvBot project improves strawberry harvesting and handling through the integration of collaborative robots and cost-effective cameras in hydroponic crop environments. The key innovation lies in harnessing computer vision technologies to enable the automated detection and harvesting of strawberries.

In collaboration with Enkitek, the project has successfully conducted a pilot test, introducing novel 3D printed components designed specifically for the robot. These components play a crucial role in tailoring the robot’s capabilities to identify and harvest strawberries with precision. Furthermore, advanced algorithms for detection and handling tasks have been developed and tested.

A notable aspect of the HarvBot project is the emphasis on hardware-agnostic software, serving as the foundation for the entire initiative. This approach is deemed essential for unlocking automation in the emerging hydroponic crop industry, offering access to a growing supply of inexpensive robots.

The HarvBot project showcases the potential of collaborative robots, computer vision, and 3D printing to transform traditional harvesting practices in hydroponic strawberry cultivation.

HarvBot is an initiative led by the Robotics & Automation Unit of Eurecat technology centre.

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HarvBot – Revolutionizing Strawberry Harvesting through Collaborative Robotics and Computer Vision

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Project carried out with the support of ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia, within the framework of the Digital Innovation Hub of Catalonia; and the Ministry of Industry and Tourism of the Government of Spain, within the framework of the Digital Innovation Hubs Support Program (PADIH)