More sustainable furnace components through advanced design and continuous component monitoring for material and coating development.

The HIPERMAT project promotes strategies and tools for the efficient development of new alloys and components that operate in high temperatures and corrosive environments.

HIPERMAT includes the integration and validation of these materials through advanced manufacturing technologies in high-performance final components. These components will have an extended useful life with greater efficiency, which allows reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials.

Hot stamping is a key transformation process in the transition to emission-neutral mobility, as it enables lighter automotive components to be manufactured.

However, it is in itself an intensive industry in energy consumption and in which other transformation processes are also involved, such as foundry or forging, present through the manufacture of the components of many of the equipment integrated into this technology.

In this context, improving the environmental impact of the automotive value chain also involves improving the efficiency of the manufacturing processes for materials and metal components involved in it.

Eurecat participates in the HIPERMAT project through its Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit, in charge of the high-temperature tribological characterisation of the new materials and their subsequent microstructural characterisation.

HIPERMAT, coordinated by the AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research Center, has the participation of 14 partners from seven European countries.


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HIPERMAT – Advanced design, monitoring , development and validation of novel high performance materials and components

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Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under the call SPIRE-08-2020 – Novel high performance materials and components (RIA)

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