Development of a new smart integrated Robotics system based on dynamic manufacturing processes and addressed to SMEs controlled by Internet of Things (IoT).

The HORSE project has the objective to leap forward in the manufacturing industry proposing a new flexible model of smart factory involving collaboration of humans, robots, Autonomous Guided Vehicles and machinery to realise industrial tasks in an efficient manner.

The novel approaches promoted by the project are the integration of concepts such as (physical) human-robot interaction, intuitive human-machine interfaces, and interaction between different robots and machines into an integrated environment with pre-existing machines and workflows. The project contributes to improve safety of the human worker as well as reduction of health risks through physical support by the robotized equipment and contributes to better overall manufacturing processes.

On the other hand, the HORSE project promotes the deployment of technology towards SMEs, facilitates the adoption of robotic solutions and establishes infrastructures and environments that act as concentration points for selected application areas in manufacturing and for the management of the life cycle of the product.

The demonstrator of the project has been carried out in the Eurecat laboratories, where a robotic cell has been assembled to carry out the integration of the project. In this case the its Robotics and Automation Unit of Eurecat, has realised the connectivity and assembly between the equipment and has included all the necessary safeguards to be able to work in a safe environment. A main computer (PC-HORSE) has been in charge of directing the tasks to be carried out by the different elements of the cell.

The project is formed by a consortium of 16 partners from different European countries: Greece, Spain, Germany, France, The Netherland, Poland and Slovenia.


General details


HORSE – Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes

Project reference 

H2020-FoF-2015 – 680734

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s programme Horizon 2020 under the call FoF-09-2015 – ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS)