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Integrated management tool of the urban sewage system to control and reduce the environmental impact of untreated wastewater spills during short term contamination episodes.

iBATHWATER project demonstrates the efficiency of the integrated management of the urban sewage through an open platform capable of combining operational and managerial information with innovative online microbial measurement to ensure water quality and analysis tools to minimize health risks.

During the project, partners will demonstrate the urban sewage system in Berlin and Barcelona, two cities with different aquatic natural ecosystems and needs related to urban waters planning and management, allowing the evaluation of the technology in both river and sea water. iBATHWATER aims to reduce the pollution load discharged into receiving waters and improve the quality of bathing waters, both in beaches and rivers, up to a 30% in Barcelona and 20% in Berlin.

iBATHWATER project is led by Eurecat’s Sustainability Technological Unit. The project also counts with the participation of the Smart Management Systems Unit, Barcelona’s City Hall,  ADASA Systems, Barcelona Cycle of Water and the Berlin Water Research Centre.


ibathwater eurecat

General details


iBATHWATER – Advanced urban water management to efficiently ensure bathing water quality

Project reference

LIFE17 ENV/ES/000396

Programme and call for tender

Project financed by the European Union under the framework of LIFE programme

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