Iluminio Eurecat

The ILUMINIO project intends to set the foundations for the industrialization of a new generation of intelligent aluminium profiles. ILUMINIO aims to demonstrate the viability of functional printing on rigid, metallic substrates such as aluminium.

ILUMINIO’s solution for digital printing on aluminium will provide aluminium profiles with new integrated functionalities. At the same time, the printing process can be industrialized and is compatible with the production structure of companies specialized in the manufacture of Tecalum aluminium products, giving them a competitive advantage to launch unique products on the market.

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Programa i convocatòria

A project financed by the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, INDUSTRY AND COMPETITIVENESS and by the European Union, as part of the Challenges-Collaboration tender under the State Investigation, Development and Innovation Programme for Challenges in Society. This forms part of the 2013-2016 State Science, Technical and Innovation Plan, the mission of which is to foster technological development and quality innovation.