Innobrain project has the main objective to investigate on new technologies for innovating in rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation treatments for patients with neurodegenerative and psychiatric illnesses. In particular, Innobrain’s solution will be addressed to patients with ABI (acquired brain injury), schizophrenia, dementia and bipolar disorder, some of the most common mental diseases in the Catalan society.

The results of the investigation will allow to consolidate and reinforce the competitiveness of the Catalan Investigation and Innovation Community, englobing hospitals, companies and investigation centres, on the Guttman, NeuroPersonalTrainer®, a platform for cognitive stimulation. This tool offers personalized, intensive, monitored and evidence-based rehabilitation and stimulation services oriented to patients with deficit or cognitive damage as a consequence of a neurological or psychiatric illnesses, dementia or a developmental disorder.

During the project, partners will also identify existent technological barriers that limit ICT applications in this field and distance patients from the benefits of intensive and personalized cognitive rehabilitation treatments.

Innobrain is part of NextHeath, RIS3CAT’s community led by Biocat. The project is coordinated by Institute Guttman, who will carry out the investigation together with Eurecat and nine more organizations.

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General details


Innobrain – New technologies for Innovation in Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation

Project reference

Núm 6. RIS3CAT Community

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by ACCIÓ under the call Comunitats RIS3CAT 2015 of FEDER 2014-2020 Operative Programme.