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Development of new models and methods to improve the design capabilities of the hybrid boxes, such as the wings of the airplanes, formed by metallic panels and composite materials components.

INNOHYBOX project, coordinated by Eurecat, investigates the thermo-mechanical behaviour of hybrid boxes with the purpose to optimize them by developing a new robust and experimentally validated design.

Currently, it is usual to use a combination of metallic and composites materials in the construction of airplanes wings, but it is necessary more knowledge about the hybrid structure to avoid disadjustments between the components, causing thermal stresses and unnecessary load and fatigue on the materials. To obtain an optimal design and avoid oversized structures, it is necessary to have a better understanding of the behaviour of these thermally induced hybrid boxes.

In this sense, INNOHYBOX solution will represent a great advance in the state-of-the-art technology and will improve the design of the structure, reducing manufacturing and maintenance costs, as well as the weight of the piece. This new methodology for characterisation and modelling of the hybrid box materials, as well as the knowledge acquired about its thermodynamic behaviour, will constitute an innovative solution for hybrid boxes’ metallic and composite components.

Eurecat participates in the project leading the development of improved metallic ribs and fittings through its Product Development Unit. The project also counts with the participation of the University of Girona and Sofitec.

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INNOHYBOX – Innovative solutions for metallic ribs and fittings introduced in a composite box to optimally deal with thermo-mechanical effects

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H2020-EU. – 785433

Programme and call for tender

Project financed by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020 in the framework of Clean Sky platform under the call JTI-CS2-2017-CFP06-AIR-01-27 – Innovative solutions for metallic ribs or fittings introduced in a composite box to optimally deal with thermo-mechanical effects.

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