Interacciona eurecat

The objective of the Interacciona project is to design and manufacture intelligent labels powered by NFC technology. These labels are designed for use on wine and liquor bottles.

They can be controlled through a mobile app and integrate active functions such as temperature and humidity sensors, and electro-lighting components. Additionally, Interacciona is developing an electronic control and feeding circuit for the labels designed for large-scale distribution.

The labels would contain the active functions required by each customer and can be personalized for any occasion. A pilot test will be performed during the project in which two types of labels will be produced. One with a sensorial function to monitor the level of maturity of the wine, and another with an integrated lighting function to be used in marketing the product.

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Programme and call for tender

A project financed by the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, INDUSTRY AND COMPETITIVENESS and by the European Union, as part of the Challenges-Collaboration tender under the State Investigation, Development and Innovation Programme for Challenges in Society. This forms part of the 2013-2016 State Science, Technical and Innovation Plan, the mission of which is to foster technological development and quality innovation.