Feasibility studies to assess the convenience of developing a cloud interface and HMI support for managing agricultural maps.

The IoT Crops 4.0 project aims to carry out a set of feasibility studies that facilitate strategic decision-making and allow evaluating the convenience of developing a cloud interface and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) support to link the management of agriculture maps for variable fertilisation with liquid and solid fertiliser dispensers.

The IoT Crops 4.0 project results from the application of three crucial technologies for the digital transformation of agriculture and in particular the wine sector. These technologies are, in order of development and research:

  • Data analysis tools (artificial intelligence applied to data analysis) to obtain a first layer of information and data processing.
  • IoT technologies that will allow this intelligence to be connected to the machine.
  • Cloud computing to manage and monitor the entire process.

The system to be evaluated consists of the management of the maps and their updating automatically and intelligently, in addition to allowing feedback on the real performance of the implement.

Thus, it is intended to link the components of the system and develop the database, the logical architecture and the cloud interface to have a completely interconnected cyber-physical system.

Eurecat coordinates the project through its Advanced Manufacturing Systems Unit, which is in charge of the electronic and programming part.

General details


IoT Crops 4.0 – Tool in the cloud for the connection of agricultural fertiliser machines within the updating framework of the Industry 4.0

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Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the call CUPONS INDÚSTRIA 4.0 from the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) of the Catalonian Government