Project Description


New manufacturing process that allows to use high-performance thermoplastic matrix composite materials reinforced with carbon fibre in the regional aircraft construction.

The utilization of these thermoplastic matrix composite materials in the construction of regional aircrafts is limited due to the complexity of forming of these materials and the high costs that the process implies. The KEELBEMAN innovation reduces these production and assembly costs through the optimisation of the high temperature compression process and the application of innovative welding technologies, enabling the use of these materials in the construction of structures for regional aircrafts.

KEELBEMAN solves technological problems related to the manufacturing complexity and allows the creation of a faster, more automated and reliable process, maintaining high production levels and using a more ecological design.

Eurecat coordinates and participates in the project through its Composite Materials Unit. The project also counts with the participation of Sofitec Aero SL, the European Research Center for Technologies Design and Materials (CETMA) and CT Ingenierie

General details


KEELBEMAN – Keel Beam Manufacturing oriented solution

Project reference 

H2020-EU. – 785435

Programme and call for tender

Project financed by the European Union program Horizon 2020 in the framework of the programme Clean Sky under the call JTI-CS2-2017-CFP06-LPA-02-20 – Manufacturing oriented solution keel beam

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