The KETRENOVIN project has obtained ingredients and products from new sources in order to respond to the challenges facing the health and nutrition industries, with demonstrable effectiveness on the health and wellbeing of animals and consumers alike.

Over the course of the project, the healthiest supplements have been identified and developed with a view to improving the wellbeing of consumers or reducing the risk of developing a pathology. Additionally, innovative supplements and feeds have been developed to increase the value of the meat and its nutritional qualities, while also improving the health and wellbeing of animals and consumers.

The project outcomes include the drafting of a scientifically and technically validated dossier on the prevention of coccidiosis in chickens, bacterial infections in chickens and pigs, and tuberculosis in animals and humans. Other achievements include the development of the first functional dairy-derived product for this particular market segment.

The KETRENOVIN project is part of the RIS3CAT INNOÀPAT Community, which is led by Andrés Pintaluba and includes Indulleida, Corporació Alimentària Guissona, Boadas 1880, Embotits Salgot, Preparados Aditivos y Materias Primas, Desmarca Tecnologies, Laboratoris Ordesa, Unió Corporació Alimentària, Manremyc, and Eurecat. The Community’s aim is to increase investment in R&D&I on the part of Catalan companies in the agri-food industry, in order to make these companies more competitive while taking into consideration consumer demands related to three major challenges facing the food chain.

Eurecat has participated in this project though its Health and Nutrition Unit. Within the framework of the KETRENOVIN project, the Unit has used in silico models to select plants of Mediterranean origin that have the capacity to impact upon particular targets or penetrate organs, where they have a potential effect at the cognitive level. The Unit has also validated combinations of plants as part of an integrated dietetic model in animal subjects, as well as designing a nutritional strategy for health-oriented purposes related to cognitive capacity.

General details


Ketrenovin – Research and experimental application of biotechnology as a KET (Key Enabling Tecnologies) to obtain new and high-added value ingredients  for the Catalan agri-food market.

Project reference

R+D Project from INNOAPAT RIS3CAT Food Community


Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.